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iKey 2.4.9

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Feb 9, 2015
Nick Mead
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iKey 2.4.9

by Nick Mead

Automation tools are useful if you need to speed a process up or you're constantly carrying out the same operation over and over again.

iKey turns regular actions into automated tasks that save you time and takes some of the burden out of having to remember to perform certain actions. An example where iKey could help is with your web browser when you constantly visit the same website every day, copy text and then send it to someone. iKey can completely automate this task via one hotkey and perform it in the background while you get on with more important things.

One issue with it though is that it can be a little tricky to instruct it how to do the above action. The more complicated the action, the more difficult it seems to be to instruct iKey what to do. There are 15 built-in shortcuts however that will probably cover many of the tasks you want it to do. However, once you've got into the habit of defining hotkeys for new tasks, it doesn't take long to have your processes entirely automated.

iKey does all those jobs that take precious time out of your day or are just too boring to perform on a regular basis.



OS requirements for iKey 2.4.9:

  • Mac OS X
  • Download iKey 2.4.9

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