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theBlu v2.1.2_

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Sep 15, 2015
Lewis Leong (@lewisleong)
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theBlu v2.1.2_

by Lewis Leong (@lewisleong)

theBlu is an interactive screensaver that lets you explore the oceans and contribute to preserving the oceans and its inhabitants.

Although theBlu is a screensaver, you can still launch it as an app if you don't want to wait for the screensaver to activate. The app greats you with soothing music and an ocean expanse. You can create an account with theBlu or you can use Facebook Connect to log in. Once you do, you have the option to purchase more fish and habitats. You also have the option to take snapshots and share your discoveries with your friends.

Much of your time in theBlu will be spent wandering aimlessly, looking for new fish and plants to learn about. theBlu keeps track of the plants and animals you find in a log book, which is like an achievement of sorts. While there are actually no objectives in theBlu, the world is so immersive that users won't really require an objective.

The free version of theBlu comes with a limited amount of fish and habitats that you can unlock. The full version will include exclusive habitats and fish. theBlu uses a credit system so you can purchase credits with real money. Don't worry though, your money will be well spent as part of the profits go to organizations for oceanic conservation. There is no other way to gain more credits other than purchasing them.

While theBlu is entertaining for the most part, it could use with some more interactive media like audio and video information about the fish. It's nice to see the ocean and fish rendered in 3D but it's not the same as watching a video of what things look like in real life. If you want to model items in the app, you can join theBlu's development community on their site.

Overall, theBlu is an innovative screensaver and application that helps raise awareness for ocean preservation.



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